Clio Health Awards Recognize Creativity in Advertising







An experienced financial executive based in New York City, Janina Casey attended management training programs at both Princeton and Harvard University. As a child, Janina Casey was nominated for a daytime Emmy for her role in The Electric Company and for a Clio Award for her work on a Tic Tac commercial.

The premier award competition for creativity in advertising, Clio Awards recognize advertising talent across categories such beauty, music, sports, entertainment, and health. The Clio Health Awards were created in 2009 to honor creativity in the emerging wellness industry. The awards acknowledge effective, creative marketing within a highly specialized and ever-changing field.

Entries include print and online media spots for medical devices and services, disease awareness, and pharmaceuticals, and might include photo, video, or audio. In the 2019 competition, Clio Grand Prizes went to advertisers such as Donate Life California, a program that encourages drivers to register as organ donors, and the SickKids Foundation, which supports Canada’s largest children’s hospital.