The Benefits of Social-Emotional Learning-Focused Programs

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Urban Tech

Equity sales finance executive Janina Casey is a long-time advocate of education reform and skills-based learning. As a recently-appointed board member for The National Urban Technology Center (Urban Tech), Janina Casey helps the organization execute its mandate of endowing students from disadvantaged backgrounds with social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.

With its Youth Leadership Academy program, Urban Tech strives to prepare young people for success in the 21st-century workforce by offering educational curricula that focuses on SEL skills development. The SEL framework is based on building five core skills: decision-making, self awareness, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and self-management.

Educators can incorporate SEL-building activities into the standard curriculum at all grade levels by encouraging their students to make and work toward goals, work collaboratively, and solve open-ended problems.

In the short term, students who are enrolled in a strong SEL program have fewer behavior incidents and higher levels of academic achievement. SEL skills have also been linked to increased college attendance and workplace success and a higher quality of life.