Four Things to Help Mentors and Mentees Form a Relationship


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New York City-based professional Janina Casey works in the research equity and sales industry. Active in her community, Janina Casey has mentored and sponsored two high school students through four years of private school.

Below are four things mentors can do to promote a good relationship with their mentee:

1. Model Behavior. Mentees look to their mentors to get an idea of how they should act in various situations. Because of this, mentors should model positive behavior, such as being polite, showing respect, and keeping their word.

2. Highlight Mentee’s Future. It’s extremely important that mentors talk to their mentees about their future. This keeps mentees motivated to continue working towards their goals when they encounter obstacles or distractions.

3. Respect Their Culture. Sometimes mentees come from a different socioeconomic and racial background than their mentors. Therefore, it is important that mentors demonstrate respect for their mentee’s culture, and avoid making assumptions based on any preconceived ideas.

4. Shift Support. Mentors should also focus on supporting their mentees. However, mentors must be aware of when to change how much support they provide. For example, mentors should pull back as their mentee develops more confidence to give them plenty of opportunity to grow.