More New Yorkers Going to Broadway Than Ever

Broadway pic


Based in New York City, Janina Casey has years of experience in executive roles at financial firms. In her free time, Janina Casey enjoys traveling and attending theater performances.

For most tourists to New York City, attending a Broadway show is a must. However, over the last three years more and more New Yorkers are also attending Broadway shows, comprising 21.5 percent of audiences during the last season.

The New York Times hypothesizes that perhaps the award-winning musical Hamilton was a factor in this development, as it became a household topic and reignited interest in Broadway as an art form. Additionally, productions have become more diverse and varied, drawing in more interest. Also, many plays and musicals that go on to snag awards are relatively unknown to the world at large, meaning that locals are more likely to be in the know and motivated by this exclusive knowledge.

Last year’s season also saw a record box office revenue of $1.4 billion and was the third season in a row with more than 13 million patrons.