Entering the Clio Awards Competition

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Clio Awards
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New York-based financial executive Janina Casey has nearly two decades of experience in equity research sales. A graduate of St. John’s University, she is a former child actor who has appeared in various theatre and television productions. Janina Casey also acted in a Tic Tac commercial, for which she was nominated for a Clio Award.

An internationally recognized competition, the Clio Awards celebrate high achievement in the field of advertising. The event includes advertisements from businesses, individuals, and advertising companies, with entries varying among medium types, including direct, audio, and brand design. Professionals are free to enter their work into as many categories as apply.

Entries should be submitted without any agency, personal, and individual credits attached. This information is submitted separately and must be complete and accurate to ensure all contributors are properly recognized. In addition to the general Clio Awards, professionals can simultaneously submit their work into a field-specific Clio category, such as Clio Sports or Clio Music, if they meet the requirements of the program they wish to enter.

Costs for entering the Clio Awards competition vary depending on the medium and submission date of the entry. Fees range from $150 for student entries to $525 for most entries submitted by the first deadline. These fees increase to $1,075 for some second deadline entries, such as those in the branded entertainment medium.